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  • James Kunovski

The Simpsons Love for Cinema (Video)

Since its premiere over thirty years ago, The Simpsons has held a penchant for pop culture references. While the many movie references, homages and parodies may not fall into the category of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, their presence speaks to a meta-industry respect and passion for preceding and co-existing creative works.

Featured: Risky Business Homer the Heretic, Season 4 Episode 3 Raiders of the Lost Ark Bart’s Friend Falls in Love, Season 3 Episode 23 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest So It’s Come to This, A Simpson’s Clip Show, Season 4 Episode 18 The Birds A Streetcar Named Marge, Season 4 Episode 2 Cape Fear Cape Feare, Season 5 Episode 2 The Shining Treehouse of Horror V, Season 6 Episode 6 Eyes Wide Shut Treehouse of Horror XXV, Season 26 Episode 4 A Clockwork Orange Dog of Death, Season 3 Episode 19 Rear Window Bart of Darkness, Season 6 Episode 1 Pulp Fiction 22 Short Films About Springfield, Season 7 Episode 21 Thelma & Louise Marge on the Lam, Season 5 Episode 6 The Fugitive Lisa’s Rival, Season 6 Episode 2 All the President’s Men Sideshow Bob Roberts, Season 6 Episode 5 Goldfinger You Only Move Twice, Season 8 Episode 2 Vertigo Principal Charming, Season 2 Episode 14 Psycho Itchy & Scratchy & Marge, Season 2 Episode 9 Dr. Strangelove Homer the Vigilante, Season 5 Episode 11 The Graduate Lisa's Substitute, Season 2 Episode 19 An Officer and a Gentleman Life on the Fast Lane, Season 1 Episode 9 Gone with the Wind Principal Charming, Season 2 Episode 14 2001: A Space Odyssey Dawn of Man: Lisa’s Pony, Season 3 Episode 8 Stargazing: Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?, Season 3 Episode 24 Spaceship Interior: Treehouse of Horror XII, Season 13 Episode 1


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